Our company culture is very important to us. Creating the best place for people to build a career is central to our strategy. We believe that enables us to recruit and retain the best people and ultimately build the best consulting business. But more than that, we believe that it is the right thing to do.

So how do you create such a culture? There is no silver bullet, it is about getting 1000 small decisions right. A culture is defined by the day to day actions of everyone in the company, not what is emblazoned on the corporate mugs and the posters on the wall.

Our culture is important to us. How would we describe it? That is a hard thing to do, the following video is our attempt to at least illustrate it.

Our culture is not a finished article, it is continuously evolving based on the values we set in the first few years of the companies life.

So how have we done so far? There is always more to do, but the evidence is pretty strong: