Our expert teams help to shape, mobilise and deliver regulatory change programmes for Financial Institutions across a range of regulatory topics. We leverage our deep understanding of clients’ business and operating models, coupled with extensive programme delivery expertise, to create and build effective and smooth routes to compliance.

Regulatory Horizon Scanning

Our teams of lawyers and consultants are able to provide in depth analysis across the regulatory landscape and identify the key impacts pertaining to the day to day operations of our Banking, Insurance and Wealth & Asset Mgmt clients.

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Gap Analysis / Impact Assessment

We are able to provide comprehensive assessments to our clients of their operations, products, systems and services against industry standard benchmarks (built from our experience of the financial services sector). Our clients have been able to make use of these to inform their strategic direction whilst maintaining compliance.

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Mobilisation and Delivery

Our consultants have delivered complex and lengthy change programmes involving most of the key regulations over the last 10 years. We understand the unique challenges many of our clients face and have worked alongside a wide array of front, middle and back-office teams.

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